Long biodegradation time of plastic waste occupies our minds since ages. They can decompose for thousands of years contaminating our surroundings. In order to support the environment recycling and reusing of plastic is currently strongly promoted.

Plastic (PE, PET) can be reused in many different ways, e.g. to manufacture dustpans, wheelbarrows or garden rakes. GARDECO supports the natural environment and, wherever possible, uses recyclable materials in own products.

We belong to the group of companies which care about our planet condition. During production we focus on quality and durability of our goods – we want our customers to take advantages of them for many years. In addition, our goods and the packaging are 99% recyclable. Beneath GARDECO RecyClean line divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor.

See all products from the new RecyClean Line: https://www.gardeco.com.pl/recyclean/