Privacy policy of the website

  1. General information
    This Privacy Policy stipulates terms & conditions of processing and protection of personal data received from Users, with reference to use of B2B services by them, rendered by means of the Website.
  2. Administrator of the personal data held by the website is Gardeco Sp. z o.o with its registered office in Kraków, KRS no. 0 000413486 DISTRICT COURT FOR KRAKÓW – ŚRÓDMIEŚCIE IN KRAKÓW, ELEVENTH COMMERCIAL DIVISION OF THE NATIONAL COURT REGISTER; NIP no. 6793080473; REGON no. 122524533
  3. In order to assure safety of the data trusted to us, we have developed internal procedures and recommendations aimed to prevent transfer of the data to unauthorized persons. We control whether they are observed and we regularly check their compliance with proper legal standards, an act on provision of services in electronic manner as well as all sorts of implementation acts and acts of the Community’s law.
  4. Personal data is processed on the grounds of a consent given by a User and in cases, when legal regulations authorize the Administrator to process the personal data on the basis of the legal regulations, or in order to perform a contract concluded by parties to the contract.
  5. The website carries out a function of collection of information on users and their behaviors in the following way:
    • from forms filled out voluntarily
    • it gathers so called “cookies” (files) [see 7 c)].
  6. The website collects information which is entered by a user voluntarily.
  7. What data is collected, why and what for?
    a) Newsletter
    In order to get our newsletter we need your e-mail address, name, surname and name of the company. Our newsletters may include commercial information. Hence, to subscribe the newsletter you are asked to give your consent to be provided with commercial information in the electronic manner. You will get our newsletter only if you subscribe it. You may cancel the subscription of the Newsletter. Data collected for newsletter may be used by sale agents in order to get into commercial contact.
    b) Contests and marketing campaigns
    In case of taking part in our contests or marketing campaigns you may be asked to provide your personal data, acc. to terms & conditions of an individual contest (campaign).
    c) Cookies files and system logs

    • What cookies are?
      Cookies are IT data, in particular small text files recorded at a final device (computer) of a user of a website, when the website is browsed by a user. The files in question are stored in the computer. At the time of later connection with the same website, the files in question can be read from a user’s computer and be used to adjust a website to recorded preferences of the user and for statistical purposes of its owner.
    • What the Website use the cookies for?
      We use cookies in order to provide you with the most effective and the most comfortable functioning of the Website (hence, due to them the Website “remembers” e.g. settings of particular users, such as a language or size of a font). Moreover, we use the files in question in order to develop anonymous statistics which help us to understand how you use the Website. Acquired information enables us to develop and to optimize the website.
      Cookies used by the Website are safe for computers and devices of users. What is important, by means of cookies it is not possible to infect devices with viruses and other malicious software.
    • What sort of cookies does the Website use?
      The website uses the following sorts of cookies:
      _utma – a file recorded at a computer disc during the first visit at an individual website. The file includes a unique id no. by means of which an analytical tool can determine a unique and new user;
      _utmb – cookie _utmb is responsible for information on a particular visit;
      _utmc – cookie cooperating with the _utmb, task of which is determination whether or not a visit should be monitored and data recorded;
      _utmz – cookie with information on sources of visit. Due to this file it is possible, among others, to count visits from browsers.
      bd – cookie with an id of a current session between a server, where a website is installed, and a user’s device via which it communicates with a server and the website.
    • How to change settings of a website browser concerning cookies?
      Website browsers automatically enable storage of cookies in a final device of a user. However, you can change these settings and block cookies totally any time. In such a case use of the Website is still possible but certain functions cannot operate correctly. Failure to change settings of a website browser means consent to place and to store cookies used by the Website in your device, and consent to access them by the Website.
      Hereunder we present how to change settings in the most popular website browsers:
      Google Chrome
      Click on the menu (upper right corner), Settings tab > Show advanced settings. In the Privacy section click on the Text settings. In the Cookies section you can change the following settings of the cookies:
      Delete cookies;
      Automatically block the Cookies;
      Implicitly enable Cookies;
      Implicitly store the Cookies and data of pages till the web browser has been closed;
      Exceptions for Cookies originating from particular websites or domains.Internet Explorer 8.0
      From menu of the web browser (upper right corner): Tools > Internet options > Privacy, Website buttons. Using the slide button set the level and press OK to confirm.

      Mozilla Firefox
      From menu of the web browser: Tools > Options > Privacy. Activate the field Firefox: “will use settings of the user”. Setting of the item – Accept cookies implicates whether or not cookies are accepted.

      From menu of the web browser: Tool > Preferences > Advanced. Setting of the item – Cookies implicates whether or not cookies are accepted.

      In the Safari pull down menu click on Preferences and the Safety icon.
      At this place a safety level can be set in the “Accept cookies” field.

  8. Personal data collected by the website will neither be sold nor made available to third parties acc. to the Personal Protection Act.
  9. Data in a form can be monitored by a physical person who provided the data. Such a person can also modify and stop processing of his/her data any moment.
  10. We reserve our right to implement amendments into our privacy policy of the website, which can be affected by potential changes of law in terms of the personal data protection, and to our website. All of the changes will be displayed in a clear manner.
  11. In the Website there can appear links to other websites. Such websites operate irrespective of the Website and they are not supervised in any manner by the Such websites can have own privacy policies and terms & conditions, hence, we recommend learning them.
    In case of any doubts concerning any of the entries in this privacy policy, please contact us – find our data in the CONTACT tab.