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Recycling of plastics is very important due to the very long biodegradation time of plastic waste. They can decompose for thousands of years or be recycled and reused. The latter solution is so much better for the environment. Plastic (PET) can be reused in many different ways, e.g. to manufacture new dustpans, wheelbarrows or garden rakes. We at Gardeco support the natural environment and wherever possible, we use recyclable materials in our products.

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We often use Polyester (PET) bristles for the brushes manufacture. PET has good heat and moisture resistance. It has excellent sweeping qualities and is resistant to petrol, alcohol and organic solvents. It is made from recycled granulate; therfore, using polyester (PET) contributes to waste recycling. It is best used for coarse and wet dirt, predominantly used in outdoor areas.

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