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  • Made with soft and fluffy synthetic wool fur or similar durable elastic cuff keeps the mitt on your hand. Holds tons of suds and water. Machine washable, easy to maintain for years of scratch-free detailing. Ambidextrous ergonomic design fits either hand (...) [27589]
  • This handy brush with soft hair will make washing your car much more precise with no risk of scratching the paint (...) [23581]
  • Road salt is an indispensable element that you will use during a cold winter. We offer products that you use to sprinkle roads, stairs around the house or pavements to remove snow or ice (...) [27343|24090]
  • A snow shovel and winter brush: two necessary items during a snowfall. This set of snow shovel and a brush from GARDECO is designed especially for children. The snow shovel is made out of polypropylene (...) [21396]
  • Wooden car brush with integrated scraper is a handheld tool for removing frost, ice, and snow from windows, usually on automobiles. Safe for all your car surfaces! (...) [26506.1]
  • For everyone, who wants to keep his/her tools in order in a workshop we offer a capacious & easily wall mounted metal cabinet. The product comprises 3 elements – two key-locked parts and an open mid section (...) [25448]
  • This functional workshop table has a large and solid top made from deciduous tree plywood. Beneath the top there are two capacious shelves which offer a lot of space for storage. At shelves one can place large tools or other objects usually stored in a garage and in a workshop (...) [25530]
  • YAGA Broom is representing our garden range product dedicated especially for leaf or needle sweeping of various surfaces such as tarmacked streets, paving stones or wooden terraces (...) [YAGA]


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