We have prepared for you a wide range of practical and functional products for daily work at home. In our offer you will find stylish sweepers, brushes or dust pans. Thanks to these products, cleaning will be easier and more convenient. We have many products that help to keep order and allow you to find the right place for items. We also offer practical products for kitchen equipment. On the website you will find high quality wooden cooking utensils, havers or fashionable wine racks. Other useful products such as doormats, clothes brushes, shoe accesories and a shoe tray are a great add to our offer. Don’t hesitate to make an advantage of them!



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  • "8" brush is a universal product, it will come in handy for various types of cleaning work, both at home and in garden (...) [25967|22560|27282|27299]
  • "S" brushes are universal products, they are useful for various types of cleaning work both at home and in the garden (...) [21624|21174|27305|22928]
  • This wooden stool is the perfect accessory for your sauna experience. Made from high-quality, durable wood, it provides a comfortable and sturdy seat for you to relax on while enjoying the warmth of your sauna (...) [27718]
  • Our wooden stairs for sauna are the perfect addition to complete your sauna experience. Made from high- quality wood(...) [27732]
  • This wooden cooking utensils are easy to clean. Made of 100% natural wood, no crack, no odor, food safe! Special kitchen utensils is the best material for cooking utensils, won’t scratch or damage your favorite non-stick cookware (...) [27756|27763|27770]
  • This wooden sauna bench is crafted with high-quality, durable wood and designed to provide a comfortable seating area for your sauna experience. (...) [27725]
  • Perfectly fitted broom – a dream of every owner of the house or a flat. House brooms from Gardeco are a dream come true! Brush head of WOLF brush is made of plastic, but looks like wood. The edges are aesthetically rounded. Thanks to universal size of the brush head, 300 x 55 x 22mm, this brush will bet the dirt from every corner of the house (...) [WOLF]
  • Our 10 bottle wooden wine rack is the perfect addition to any home. With a modern design this home wine rack will look great in any home. It’s compact design and simple style makes it one of the best wine racks (...) [26728]
  • Modular, and stable bins are perfect containers for waste segregation. They are tight, so that the smell doesn't come out of the bin (...) [29118|29125]
  • Vegetable cleaning brush is a heavy duty brush with union fibres which makes it ideal for cleaning all vegetables. Curved edges makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand (...) [26377]
  • Practical and elegant stand is designed for storing umbrellas. It works well at home, in the hall, in the office or in the locker room. The stand is roomy, it can accommodate 6 umbrellas (...) [26544]
  • This metal dustpan from Gardeco is a perfect item to go with every handbrush. It’s dimensions are 225 x 200 mm. It has wooden handle that is 210 mm long (...) [22683]


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