We have prepared for you a wide range of practical and functional products for daily work at home. In our offer you will find stylish sweepers, brushes or dust pans. Thanks to these products, cleaning will be easier and more convenient. We have many products that help to keep order and allow you to find the right place for items. We also offer practical products for kitchen equipment. On the website you will find high quality wooden cooking utensils, havers or fashionable wine racks. Other useful products such as doormats, clothes brushes, shoe accesories and a shoe tray are a great add to our offer. Don’t hesitate to make an advantage of them!



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  • Made of 100% natural wood, healthy and safe,sturdy and durable, classic look, elegant design compliments any kitchen,clever contemporary design.Door smoothly slides open and closed,compact roll lid construction doesn’t take up any extra space when opened, durable and easy to clean, yet keeps your bread fresh and protected (...) [26698]
  • This carpet brush is very useful in all kinds of housework, particularly in carpet cleaning (...) [22041 D]
  • Bust, Neck & Décolletage Brush helps take care of these delicate body areas. Equipped with soft and flexible mixed horsehair bristles, it provides a gentle massage that improves blood circulation, increases skin elasticity, and helps reduce muscle tension. (...) [29286]
  • Solid, wooden brush for cleaning clothes, removes even minor pollution, fine pollen, hair and fur of your pet (...) [25790]
  • The clothes dryer is solid and durable. It occupies very little space because it unfolds in the vertical plane. It will fit in shower cabins, bathtubs or on the balcony (...) [25202]
  • Wooden cutting board was thoughtfully crafted to be a staple in your kitchen and the foundation to every meal. Is durable and resistance to moisture (...) [26704]
  • What we are offering is not just a product, but also a possibility to turn your daily routine into a relaxing ritual. Two-piece Detox Body Brush is what you need not only to look better but also to take care of your health. Both processes of dry and wet brushing are often underestimated, even though they have many health benefits (...) [21532]
  • This product has a brilliant impact on one’s health – starting from improved venous blood circulation, reduced problem of ingrown hair and ending with toxins released from user’s system in a faster and way more pleasant way (...) [24601]
  • The Facial Dry Brush is an indispensable addition to your daily skincare routine. Made with high-quality mixed horsehair bristles, this brush will help you achieve a healthy and radiant facial skin. (...) [29279]
  • It is a perfectly matched set. The product is useful when in contact with hot objects. It looks climatically. It is necessary for owners of fireplaces and grills (...) [20696]
  • Perfectly suited when handling hot ashes from your still warm fireplace (...) [24915]
  • Flower pot cleaning brush is a product for special tasks (...) [27442]


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